Douglas Fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii)
Natural RangeRocky Mountains to the Pacific Coast, from British Columbia to Mexico.
StatureGrows to heights of 250 feet and diameters of 6 feet in coastal stands that are 200-800 years old.
AppearanceDiffers between old and new growth. New growth tends toward reddish-brown and wide distances between growth rings; old growth tends toward yellowish-brown and very short distances between growth rings.
Weight32 lbs/ft3 @ 12% moisture content (avg. of all growth regions)
Hardness310 lbf (kiln-dried) (avg. of all growth regions)
WorkabilityStrong, rather hard, and stiff material. Machines well but difficult to use with hand tools. Splits easily.
DurabilitySomewhat susceptible to dinging and marring; moderately resistant to decay.
Data: Alden, Harry A., Softwoods of North America (Madison, WI: U.S.D.A. Forest Service Forest Products Laboratory), 1997.

Photography © Virginia Polytechnic Institute, U.S. Forest Service

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