Gray Elm (Ulmus rubra)
Natural RangeThe eastern and Midwestern United States.
StatureCan reach heights of 100 feet and diameters of 3 feet. Susceptible to the Dutch elm disease, a fungal blight.
AppearanceSapwood is almost entirely white; heartwood is light brown with a reddish cast. Graining is moderately pronounced.
Weight37 lbs/ft3 @ 12% moisture content
Hardness860 lbf (kiln-dried)
WorkabilitySomewhat difficult, as a moderately heavy, hard, and stiff material. Well-suited to bending and applications in which shock resistance is desired.
DurabilityDoes not tend to mar; not resistant to decay..
Data: Alden, Harry A., Hardwoods of North America (Madison, WI: U.S.D.A. Forest Service Forest Products Laboratory), 1995.

Photography © Virginia Polytechnic Institute, U.S. Forest Service

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