Red Oak (Erythrobalanus)
Natural RangeThe 9 species generally considered part of the Erythrobalanus, or Red Oak, tree group grow throughout the U.S., with a concentration of commercially preferred species in the Eastern and Southern U.S..
StatureGrows to heights of 125 feet and diameters of 6 or more feet.
AppearanceCourse textured, red oak has reddish brown heartwood and white to light-brown sapwood. Grain is exceedingly pronounced.
Weight45 lbs/ft3 @ 12% moisture content (avg. of all species)
Hardness1312 lbf (kiln-dried) (avg. of all species)
WorkabilityFavorable working properties: machines and glues well, holds fasteners favorably, takes finishes easily. Difficult to nail because of its hardness unless pre-drilled; splits easily.
DurabilityTends not to ding and mar; susceptible to decay.
Data: Alden, Harry A., Hardwoods of North America (Madison, WI: U.S.D.A. Forest Service Forest Products Laboratory), 1995.

Photography © Virginia Polytechnic Institute, U.S. Forest Service

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